Simple tips that will help you attract a good bid

Get Home ready for saleSimple tips that will help you attract a good bid
and simplify the bidding process.

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First, you need to walk through your home with the eyes of a home buyer. Keep in mind, for most of us, there are many things that hold sentimental value, not so tor those looking for a home. In some cases, they can actually hurt the value of your home.  Imagine viewing your home as a stranger

Is it neat and tidy? Does it have a pleasant smell? Is it brightly lit? Are there obvious small repairs that should be done? Is the yard, garage, basement, and attic neat and tidy as well?

If you give your home a thorough cleaning, paint it with a fresh coat, and do yard work, you will make a good impression. Choose neutral colors with paint. Shampoo any carpets and wax hardwood floors. You want your home to be perceived as ready to move in.

Home viewers are going to see every part of your home so there are no hiding places for clutter (closet, basement, and attic). Cut and edge your lawn, and trim any hedges. It’s also time to clear out your storage areas and unnecessary clutter. You may also want to consider moving your car out of the garage to give it a larger appearance.

Lighting is also important. You should consider purchasing a few inexpensive halogen lights for darker areas of your house. Remember a home should look clean, bright and uncluttered. Although it may be a lot of work, these things will help tremendously in the sale of your home.

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